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Category: Digital Forensics

CFP: Digital Forensics of Embedded Systems

The Journal of Digital Investigation is currently calling for papers for a Special Issue on Digital Forensics of Embedded Systems. The Guest Editors of this issue are Pavel Gladyshev, Ronald van der Knijff & Bradley Schatz. We would welcome any novel research into aspects of digital forensics of embedded and mobile computing devices. Submissions are due 1 October 2013. UPDATE: The due date for submissions for this CFP has been extended to 20 February 2014.


Digital forensic evidence chapter published in Expert Evidence text

My chapter on digital evidence has recently been published in the Australian authority on Expert Evidence. The chapter joins technical treatment of over 75 other areas of expert evidence. The chapter aims to inform the legal professional and fact finder as to the foundations, context, principles, practices, limitations and challenges of the field of digital forensics, in order that they may understand the field enough to effectively engage with the digital forensic expert.


Digital Evidence and Computer Crime 3rd edition – book chapter in press

I just received in the mail an author’s advance copy of Eoghan Casey’s "Digital Evidence and Computer Crime". Originally published in 2000, this update sees the book now in its third edition. Amongst a wide range of significant updates is a chapter Eoghan and I co-authored. The focus of the chapter is on methods of conducing digital investigations. Identifying methods of reliably transitioning from investigative goals or claims to substantiated facts has been a significant preoccupation within the field over the last decade.